Susan Heffron


Susan Heffron has been licensed in real estate since 2020. Susan’s career in the real estate industry began with the establishment of a 5-star rated hospitality business in Mt. Pleasant. She brings a unique perspective to her work by combining her expertise in real estate with her passion for interior design to provide excellent service to her clients. Her eye for aesthetics makes her an ideal ally for clients that are looking to visualize their dream home.


Susan has lived in Charleston, SC for 32 years. Her prolonged residence not only broadens her understanding of the region but also aids in her comprehension of its changing market trends.


Apart from real estate, Susan is active in her church women’s group and also serves as a docent. She enjoys collecting art, playing pickleball, tennis, and practicing yoga. She also loves to create beautiful meals and spend quality time at the beach with her family.


Susan currently resides in Mt. Pleasant with her husband and her German Shorthair Clancy.